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About Us!

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Amanda, owner of Wild Blue Boutique!

I’ve been a stay at home mom for over 11 years. My husband and our children are my whole world! My husband runs his own company and we stay very busy with that! Our kids are both in school full time now. Our son Baylen is in 5th grade and our daughter Taylee is in 1st.  One reason I started this boutique was to show our children that YES YOU CAN follow your dreams!!! It is OK to be you! It is OK to have a family and to STILL be driven to keep on learning and growing! Our kids are so proud of me for doing this and that totally makes it worth it!!! My friends tell me I'm a " jack of all trades" haha! Its kind of a joke but it's true!! I've done many things throughout my :"adulthood" years. But, hey, I love learning and trying new things! It makes my HEART happy! Why a clothing boutique? Uhm, mostly because I LOVE clothes and especially when they are cute and a good deal, so what great way to help my fellow fashionistas! Thanks for your endless support! Love ya! ❤️